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5 Simple Ways to Honor Your Breasts (and Your Body)

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and while there may be some controversy around wearing pink, this month is about YOU, whether you have breast cancer or not. (Men, I’m looking at you too.)

Cancer isn’t predictable and it isn’t pretty, but here are a few simple ways to take care of yourself and honor your breasts.

Lead by Example

Perform monthly self breast exams, get knowledgeable about your body, learn some simple energy techniques to keep your breasts healthy and the energy that feeds them flowing. Set a good example to the loved ones around you by incorporating healthy practices. This can include working a daily energy routine into your schedule, exchanging your underwire bra for a wire-free version, or at least removing the "wire" (it's sometimes plastic, but just as bad for clogging your breasts), starting a garden, eating as healthy as possible, exercising regularly, and packing healthy lunches for yourself and your kids.

Talk to Your Family and Friends

Teach your children about self care (including energy self care) and good breast health. Tell them about the health risks that come with smoking, alcohol and wearing an underwire bra. Talk with your kids, siblings, parents and grandparents about your family’s health history.

Give a Meaningful Gift

Go out of your way to show someone you care. If someone close to you is struggling with cancer, offer to get their groceries, bake them a casserole, take them to a doctor’s appointment, or just be there for them when they need it. A gift doesn’t have to involve money or the purchase of a material item. A sentimental trinket is nice, but having compassion and showing care for someone going through something really difficult is worth so much more.

Get Involved

Consider raising money for a good cause, attending a local event, or starting your own fundraiser during the month of October. Plan a breast health workshop or class in your school, organization, or community. Get involved and make a difference.

Take Care of Yourself

Put in the effort to take care of yourself and this goes beyond eating right. Of course, it’s good to avoid processed foods, but also make sure you are exercising and curbing any habits that negatively affect your health. Replace them with good ones. Turn your 10 minute smoke break into a 10 minute walk break. Avoid staying up to late and try hitting the sack even 20 minutes earlier. Get together with your girlfriends and get massages or take a Women's Energy Self Care class.

It’s all about little changes to make small steps toward health. Breast health goes beyond routine breast exams, it starts with keeping your energies flowing and in balance, being aware of the food you eat ("test before you ingest") and getting outdoors to everything in between.

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