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Energy Wellness Services with Jyoti


Looking for a simple, cost-effective way to become an active participant in your health and well being?



Simply put, energy is all there is. Everyone is made of energy, including you!  Probably most well known form of energy in the body is electricty. We know that this is how our cells and nerves send signals around the body. There is also a network of subtle and electromagnetic energies that makes up every living being. These energies hold the blueprint for our health, physicality and emotional well being. The body's subtle energies are the dynamic infrastructure of the body, underlying all our physical experience from our emotional state, to muscle strength and state of mind. When we address issues in the energy, we can affect our health, emotions, mental state and outlook on life. Working with energies using The Eden Method is a comprehensive way of self-healing that's so simple to learn and use a child can pick it up within minutes.


In a session, we focus on optimizing the body's subtle and electromagnetic energies using one of the oldest, safest and most effective forms of healing on the planet. While illnesses cannot be "treated" or "cured" with energy work, by assessing where the body's energies are blocked or out of harmony and getting them flowing again, beneficial physical effects can include reduction or clearing up of symptoms. Energy work can take place in person or via video conferencing. We use both hands-on and off-the-body techniques, such as rubbing, massaging, tracing, acupressure and connection holds. If you've ever received a bodywork or Reiki session, it will probably feel quite familiar. 


  • better manage stress

  • feel more alert and energized throughout the day

  • sleep more soundly

  • feel more joyful in your life 


Jyoti has successfully worked with clients presenting these issues: headaches, migraines, anxiety, trauma, chronic and acute pain, women's health issues (infertility, PMS, menopause, pelvic pain), adrenal fatigue, heart conditions, chronic fatigue, lack of focus, insomnia, arthritis, and more.


So you're ready to jump in! Simply select your session from the choices below and reserve your appointment using the Book Now button. If you have questions, or would like some guidance on where to start, send an email and we'll be happy to help. Need some background information first? Order a copy of the book Energy Medicine by Donna Eden, and start getting a feel for the main influence of my work.

You can have energy sessions without understanding anything about energy or even believing in it! It has no harmful side effects and can work alongside whatever other methods (conventional or otherwise) you are currently using to maintain your health.


Smiling woman in field of sunflowers
ENERGY WELLNESS DISCOVERY 300. Follow ups from 150

This is the first step in an ongoing process involving hands on treatments and self-care. Energy Wellness sessions have a strong grounding in The Eden Method and address nine energy systems, including the aura, chakras and meridians. We use tracking methods in this initial session to discover which energies need help and what is supporting you. Next we  develop a plan for follow up sessions and at home exercises.

Dedicated commitment and involvement has the greatest impact on successful progress and overall outcome. Best results are achieved by committing to a series of sessions. Once the body returns to harmonic balance, maintenance sessions at longer intervals can be scheduled.

Woman with closed eyes and fingers on temples
EXPRESS ENERGY TUNE-UP - basic reset in stressful times 125

A 50 minute session to unscramble basic energy dysfunction and overwhelm. It's the perfect antidote to feeling frazzled, stressed and like everything is moving much too fast. We will get you grounded and help you come back to center so you can leave feeling refreshed, slowed down and "together." 


An Express Tune Up gives a needed boost when you are just feeling "off" or are needing to decompress. You will be fully clothed and on a treatment table for this session.

DIGESTIVE WELLNESS - Abdominal energy massage 150-300

This session is a focused treatment designed to provide deep healing. We will be working directly on internal restrictions in the abdomen and energy blocks related to the digestive organs, using energy testing, Taoist abdominal massage (Chi Nei Tsang), acupressure and other appropriate energy balancing techniques. This gentle yet profound treatment can help with chronic digestive issues, back pain and sciatica, fertility and menstrual issues, insomnia, anxiety, depression, and detoxification. A series of sessions is recommended.

Woman's hand on patient's abdomen during energy treatment

A longer, more in depth than a simple Energy Tune Up. This is a hands-on session using The Eden Method and other energy techniques. Suitable for anyone going through a difficult time, feeling overwhelmed, recovering from illness or surgery and needing to come back to a state of balance and stability. The session will be tailored to address the current state of your energies. We will assess how your energy flow may be affecting your well being and use simple techniques such as acupressure to achieve more balance and flow. You will be clothed and on a treatment table for this session.

Suggestions may be given for continuing self care at home.

Hands hovering above face of woman lying down

"Bringing your chakras into balance brings your hormones and emotions into balance as well." -Donna Eden, Founder of Eden Method.

Vibrant health begins with the chakras. They hold the imprint of our personal life story, recording every significant event ever experienced. Clearing and balancing chakras helps release us from old stories and allows us to move forward.

Each chakra is assessed for balance and healthy flow, and the chakra system for coherence and communication. You will be clothed and on a treatment table for this session.

Photo Courtesy of ABMP

Hands covering woman's ears on a treatment table

Perfect for our fast-paced, stressful lives. This specialized treatment uses a sequence of holds that lightly touch specific points on the head, body and feet. By targeting energies that support internal balance, we can help your system learn a healthier way to respond to stress. While a single treatment is a great start to managing stress, ongoing treatments are recommended due to the cumulative benefits of the work. This is the session for you if stress is an ongoing issue and you find yourself feeling constantly frazzled and chasing your own tail. You will be clothed and on a treatment table for this session.


Online sessions
Girl looking at iPad

When you're not able to come to Sedona for an in-person session, we can work with your energies via video link. Jyoti is an expert in assessing energies with surrogate kinesiology (muscle) testing and will work with you to address whatever issues you are facing. This is the perfect medium for learning how to keep your energy system strong and healthy to best support your immune defenses.  An online consultation typically involve exercises or techniques you can apply to yourself. The session is recorded so you can rewatch at your leisure, and there is no need to take notes. This is also the best way to monitor progress between hands-on sessions.

30 mins minimum, 60 mins recommended. 


Energy Classes with Jyoti

Group of women with hands in namaste
  • Learn simple exercises and techniques to use daily for yourself, your family and friends.


  • Flexible class sizes (minimum 2).


  • We customize content to cover the areas of interest and experience level of the participants.

Would you and a few friends like to learn simple ways to care for yourselves using your own energy? We personalize learning in a live class via Zoom, or in your private, outdoor space.

Some sample classes:

  • Basic Energy Self Care

  • Women's Health 

  • Thriving in a World Gone Crazy

  • Chakra Basics

  • Meridians - Rivers of Life

Two women and a man practicing Qi Gong outdoors
Coffee cup next to video conferencing screen on computer

Jyoti is passionate about teaching Energy Wellness. Her classes are fun, contain a wealth of information, as well as being highly experiential. You will leave feeling enriched, energized and empowered with tools you can use every day.

A great way to get together with friends or family you haven't seen in a while.

Please email for further details.

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