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Unique Sedona Gifts

Tree branch in pink backlight with pendants and jewelry hanging
Dragonfly suncatcher in front of a brass disc
Fairy jewelry
Dragonfly beaded jewelry
Fairy jewelry
Dragonfly jewelry
Fairy jewelry

Dazzleflyz,Fairyz and Butterflyz by Windy's Creations  We also carry Merkaba Gem Star Novas

These intricate, locally-crafted, whimsical dragonfly, fairy and butterfly suncatchers add a touch of magic to any space. Hang them in a window to catch the light and dance rainbows around the room. Also available as wearable jewelry. Each one is individually made here in Sedona. They come in a variety of colors and can be purchased from our Sedona location when you come for your massage or energy healing session.

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