Frequently asked questions

How do I book an appointment?

New clients need to call 928-282-7614 to book an appointment. Or you can send an email to relax@massagesedona.com with your request. Established clients can use the online booking system. Simply click the Book Now button on the home page.

What's the difference between a massage session and an energy session?

A massage session uses oil with direct skin contact. You will need to remove your clothes for this session, and will remain professionally draped with a covering throughout, apart from the body area being massaged. It is a relaxing and nurturing session.

An energy session takes place while you are fully clothed. It involves muscle testing (kinesiology) as well as treatment involving both direct contact with the physical body and more subtle contact with the energy body..

I'm visiting Sedona. Can I book an appointment?

Please call or email so we can discuss your individual situation.

I'm uncomfortable wearing a mask. I'll be able to take it off once I'm receiving the treatment, right?

Masks must be worn covering the nose and mouth throughout the time you are with us at Sedona Body & Soul*. If you have an aversion to wearing a mask, don't agree with mask wearing or feel you will be too uncomfortable wearing one while on a massage table, your best option would be to wait until the mask mandate has been lifted or to book a virtual appointment.
*Fully vaccinated clients may now remove their mask during treatment. Proof of vaccination required.

Where are you located?

We are in Suite 3 of The Anasazi Building, on the south side of 89A at Willow Way.

Do you take walk-ins?

Sorry, no. Appointments need to be booked at least a couple of days ahead of time, and depending on availability, may need to be booked a week or more out.

Is it safe to get a massage or energy session during the pandemic?

Due to the close physical proximity and maintained touch during sessions, we cannot guarantee that receiving a massage or energy session will be completely safe. However, we have implemented additional protocols such as frequent disinfecting of all potentially touched surfaces and encouraged increased hand-washing/hand-sanitizer use to reduce any elevated risk as much as possible. We will also both (therapist and client) be wearing well-fitting masks that covers both the nose and mouth 100% of the time we are together. COVID-related questions have been added to our health intake, and to our 24-hour appointment reminders. We ask that anyone who is feeling sick, or who may have been recently exposed, not attend their appointment. No penalty will be charged in such cases.

If I've received the coronavirus vaccine, do I still have to wear a mask?

We ask that everyone wears a mask for their appointment. Fully vaccinated clients may remove their mask during treatment. Proof of vaccination required.

Do I have to undress completely for my treatment?

If you are receiving a Vital Flow Massage, you will be asked to undress to your comfort level. You may leave your underwear on, if desired. You will be covered with a sheet (and blanket in colder weather) which is professionally draped to uncover only each part of the body as it is treated.

If you are receiving Energy Balancing, Chakra Harmony or an Energy Wellness session, you will remain clothed. Please wear non-restrictrive clothes without zippers or buttons as much as possible.