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A healing sanctuary in the heart of Sedona, AZ

Massage treatment room
Red love seat and Tibetan tanka in a waiting room
Massage table in a sunny treatment room

Sedona Body & Soul is a holistic (meaning "whole" person) healing arts practice in Sedona, Arizona, aiming to provide the best and highest quality massage, and energy healing for both local residents and visitors to this beautiful area. You will find us conveniently located on the south side of 89A in The Anasazi Building between Birch Boulevard and Willow Way. Whether you have a particular physical issue you need addressed, or are simply wanting to recharge, we have the skills to help initiate your body's own healing ability. Hands-on work is provided by Jyoti Rawlinson, with additional help from other outstanding practitioners providing massage and other healing modalities.


Experience the sanctuary of our nurturing and relaxing Kiva-like space in Sedona, where you will receive a treatment personalized specifically for you.

By using your body’s own energies to both assess and balance, to gain information, and create flow and harmony, a communication with your body can begin that deepens over time. This is an approach that values the role of meditation in becoming a well and whole person. It can be used both independently, and as a complement to medical care and other methods of healthcare.


At Sedona Body & Soul we use methods that are grounded in a holistic understanding, working with clients who want to be empowered in their own healing process by learning and incorporating self-care tools into a daily practice.


We encourage each person to be fully involved in their process. Our aim is to help you lead a whole and balanced life. If that's something you resonate with, please explore this site further to discover more about these methods.

It's our belief that those meant to experience this work will find their way here, so trust that you've landed on this page for a reason. Ready to start? To book an appointment, call, email or simply click the button below.


Learn more about Jyoti Rawlinson, owner and therapist, and what she brings to this work on her About page.

All sessions are by appointment only.

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