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The products on this page are all used and tested by us. These are products we use ourselves and recommend. When you click through on one of the links, we receive a small commission from your purchase. There is no added cost to you. Some links offer you a discount.

Got Pain?

We started using Signal Relief pain patches in conjunction with the tried and trusted energy medicine techniques we have used for many years. While energy medicine aims to disperse sites of energy congestion and increase energy flow to disperse pain, Signal Relief patches use nanotechnology to interrupt pain signals to the brain. I (Jyoti) used the patches for several months on myself, as I was initially quite skeptical about what they were claiming to do. I've found them to be most helpful with arthritis (unless bone is rubbing on bone), in dialing down back pain for more comfortable sleep, and for acute pain from injury, after having a car door slam on my finger and being in severe pain. A patch wound around my finger stopped the pain within a few minutes. Would you like to try one yourself? There is a 120-day money back guarantee so you can try it totally risk-free. I'm just happy to have something I can use and offer to clients that is non-addictive and doesn't involve ingesting anything. If it doesn't work for you, there will be no harm done.


Did you know that 1 in 5 people on the planet suffer from chronic discomfort? And that of those, 22% turn to opioids for relief?

I’m proud to be partnering with Signal Relief to change the way the world deals with discomfort.

The Signal Relief patch is a new remedy that uses nanotechnology to provide reusable, wearable, completely drug-free relief.

If you have any daily aches or ongoing physical issues, I highly recommend giving the Signal Relief patch a try! Payment plans are available. 

You can learn more about this game-changing technology at

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