Do you remember how it feels to be relaxed and in tune with yourself, to be at home in a body that can move, stand and breathe easily? Our aim is to help you find that place of ease and grace in yourself. We have a range of treatments available with experienced, caring therapists. Come and enjoy a Sedona Body & Soul massage session in our relaxing and nurturing healing space.
Are you looking for regular massages at deeply discounted rates? If you're local to the area and would like to include massage in your self-care routine, you may want to consider a Membership. From $99 a month.
Not ready to commit to a monthly program but still want to get a discount? Our Series packages may suit you better and you have payment options through Square. 
Shoulder Massage
VITAL FLOW MASSAGE                                                   From $120

Melt into the moment, transcending time in the gap between movement and stillness as this session weaves seamlessly between nurturing massage and energy balancing. Remember how it feels to be relaxed and in tune with yourself, as your body lets go into the flow, infusing harmony and a sense of wholeness. This is an energy-driven hands-on touch treatment.

Energy hold man shoulders_edited.jpg
HEAVENLY HEAD MASSAGE                                                    $85
A specially designed treatment for the way we live today - stuck in our heads with tension building in the neck, shoulders and face. You can feel like you're shedding years as we slough away the tightness. The session finishes at the feet with a relaxing technique to help reduce stress and pain. Blending Eastern and Western modalities, you will leave feeling lighter, brighter and oh so relaxed!
MASSAGE WITH HOT STONES                                       From $140

Smooth, heated basalt stones glide over oiled skin, melting away tightness. As massage tools  they can gently access specific problem areas, and be placed on key energy points. The therapeutic effects of heat (and sometimes cold too) deeply relax muscles and access energy pathways throughout the system. A unique experience inducing deep relaxation. Tremendously calming and centering.

Sedona massage and energy healing
DUET MASSAGE (For two)                                         From $230

A special, shared experience. For couples, friends, and family. Enjoy individual massages with your own therapist, on side by side massage tables in the same treatment room. Styles and techniques used are based on each therapist's  training and passion.  


Please email or call (mobile/tablet) with your request for this session, giving us adequate time to secure a second therapist.

We've just made it even more budget-friendly by introducing Memberships. If you're local to the area and want to get the best value, consider committing to monthly sessions at deeply discounted member rates.

Why work with energy?

Every living being is made of energy. At its most dense form, we know it as the physical body, but every one of us is also made up of a network of subtle and electromagnetic energies. These energies are largely not picked up by our everyday senses until we learn to tune into them. It is our energies that hold the blueprint for our health, physicality and emotional well being. When we address issues in the energy, it can affect us in profound and positive ways.  The body's subtle energies are the dynamic infrastructure of the body, underlying all our physical experience from our emotional state, to muscle strength and state of mind. My work with energies is a comprehensive approach to self-healing that's so simple to learn and use, a child can pick it up within minutes!

How does it work?

In a session, we focus on optimizing the body's subtle and electromagnetic energies using one of the oldest, safest and most effective forms of healing on the planet. While I cannot "treat" or "cure" with energy work, I do assess where the body's energies are blocked or out of harmony and get them flowing again, which in turn can have beneficial physical effects.

What can it do for you?

It can help you better manage stress, have more energy throughout the day, sleep more soundly and feel more joyful in your life. I have successfully worked with clients having these issues: headaches, migraines, chronic and acute pain, women's issues (infertility, PMS, menopause, pelvic pain), adrenal fatigue, heart conditions, chronic fatigue, lack of focus, insomnia, arthritis, and more.

Ready to begin?

Choose one of the sessions below, or call and have a chat with me if you'd like some guidance first. You can also order a copy of the book Energy Medicine by Donna Eden, and start getting a feel for the main influence of my work.

You can have energy sessions without understanding anything about energy or even believing in it! It doesn't have harmful side effects and can work alongside whatever other methods (conventional or otherwise) you are currently using to maintain your health.

Are you new to the concept of energy healing? Come for one of the Energy Tune-Ups.



DISCOVERY (Initial) $188

An ongoing process involving hands on treatments and at home self-care. Energy work encompasses a wide range of techniques and practices. Rooted in the principle that the body is bioenergetic and seeks to maintain balance, energy healing, or energy work, seeks to restore, promote, and maintain health and wellness by influencing and supporting the body's bioenergies. Energy Wellness sessions have a strong grounding in The Eden Method, and address nine energy systems, including the aura, chakras and meridians.

Dedicated commitment and involvement has the greatest impact on successful progress and overall outcome. Best results are achieved through committing to a series. Once the body returns to harmonic balance, maintenance sessions at longer intervals can be scheduled.

2-hour Booster Session $220

A two-hour session designed for out of town clients wanting to achieve the most during their stay in Sedona. Energy work encompasses a wide range of techniques and practices. Rooted in the principle that the body is bioenergetic and seeks to maintain balance, energy healing, or energy work, seeks to restore, promote, and maintain health and wellness by influencing and supporting the body's bioenergies. Energy Wellness sessions have a strong grounding in The Eden Method. 


Vibrant health begins with the chakras. These seven energy centers hold our life story, along with all its struggles and successes. Each chakra regulates specific organs, hormones and body parts, as well as aspects of our personality. When they become clogged and sluggish, not only is our vital energy impacted, but also our health, our emotions and connection with spirit. Clearing and balancing chakras helps release us from old stories, allowing us to move forward in times of change, and connecting the rest of our energy systems with the world around us.

We will assess individual chakras for balance and healthy flow, and the chakra system as a whole for coherence and communication.

From $150

Feeling overwhelmed? Going through a difficult time? Recovering from illness or surgery? An Energy Balancing session is what you need! It helps to bring you back to center, or gives a needed boost when you are just feeling "off". Also perfect if you just want to experience The Eden Method approach without committing to the ongoing Energy Wellness process.

Distance Energy Healing and Wellness Consultations

Online from $50

Not able to  come to a session in person? Not a problem. We can work with your energies over Zoom. Jyoti is an expert in assessing energies with surrogate kinesiology (muscle) testing and will work with you one on one to address whatever issues you are facing. This is the perfect medium for learning how to keep your energy system strong and healthy to best support your immune defenses.  An online consultation typically involve exercises or techniques you can apply to yourself. The session is recorded so you can rewatch at your leisure, and there is no need to take notes. This is also the best way to monitor progress between hands-on sessions. 30 minute minimum, 60 minutes recommended. Payment preferred via Venmo. @Jyoti-Rawlinson




Customized to fit your needs

Learn simple exercises and techniques to use daily for yourself, your family and friends. Class sizes are flexible (minimum 3). We customize to cover the areas of interest and experience level of the participants.

Would you and a couple of friends like to learn simple ways to care for yourselves using your own energy? We can personalize your learning from a couple of hours to a full day.

Sample classes: Basic Energy Self Care, Self Care for Women, Self Care for Busy People, Energy Fun for Kids, Chakra Basics.

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