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Distance Healing

A dog and Jyoti Rawlinson on a Zoom video conferencing screen

Energy Wellness distance healing sessions are incredibly empowering in educating you to take control of your health.

Every person and their energy is unique, so in this dedicated time we can assess where your energies have become scrambled and discordant and look at how that is affecting your health, emotions and general well being. We will put together a wellness plan designed specifically for you.

I'm monitoring you over video conferencing as we go along and adjusting the techniques we're using so you're getting the maximum benefit from our time together. Not only are you receiving one on one instruction and access to my 20+ year database of techniques, but you also have the option of getting the video recording, which you can go back and rewatch at your leisure, learning as you go.

Every time we see each other for a distance healing session, I'll be checking in with you to find out how you've been getting on. You'll have plenty of opportunity to ask questions, have techniques clarified and address your health and wellness concerns. We'll always be referencing back to your energies as they respond and guide us in what we need to work with, tracking how they change during the session. There's never a set protocol. This private healing time is tailored specifically for you. I'll be calling on the vast resources I've gathered over my years in this work to always find the most appropriate and beneficial technique for your unique energies to shift and balance.

These sessions are a lot of fun because we never really know where they're going to go or what we'll end up doing. And the really exciting part for me is seeing how much of a change can happen in the time we're together. It never fails to blow me away to have someone arrive on the video looking pale, tired, run down, kind of flat, and by the end of the session they are sparked up, enthused and radiating! The best part is that we have it recorded so they can go back and recognize this for themselves!

Are you ready to try something new?

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