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Sacred Soul - A Sound & Energy Experience

A heart-centered session combining the intuitive and therapeutic skills of Jyoti (Energy Practitioner) and Kie (Sound Healer), harmonizing your energies with sound and energy techniques.

Sound vibrations from Tibetan bowls and individual tuning forks placed directly on the body travel in waves through areas of restriction, allowing energy pathways and chakras to flow freely. Acupressure and energy holds support you in going deeper and letting go of whatever may be limiting you. Some may experience the energy moving and flowing through mind pictures, colors, sounds and fleeting memories. Others may simply enjoy resting in a deeply peaceful space beyond the normal experience of time. During such profound relaxation, the body and mind are able to unwind from the years of stress that keep us tightly wound. As we let go, we can begin to hear the whispers of our Soul, our true nature.

Energy Healing
Singing Bowl Sound Healing
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Reiki Healing
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