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Energy Wellness in Sedona's Red Rocks

I've had my wellness practice in Sedona, Arizona for the past 20 years. This is both a blessing and a curse. I get to enjoy the stunning, natural, ever changing beauty every day I am here (most definitely a blessing), and I have to share this corner of paradise with almost 4 million tourists every year (both blessing and curse). 4 million!. For someone who has for the most part lived in very small towns, that’s a lot of people! The impact of the seasonally increased population is not easily missed in a town that covers a mere 19 square miles and has only three entry and exit routes (two, in a heavy snow storm). But for the most part, I couldn’t have chosen a more suitable location for my bodywork and energy medicine practice.

I spent the best part of 5 years in the early 1990s at the Osho Commune International in Pune, India, (a center for spiritual growth and meditation), where I was accustomed to being among visitors from all over the world, sharing my massage and healing work with them. When I left there in 1994, a more mainstream life in the Western world seemed daunting. Fortunately, I was led to Sedona, where I was embraced by other like-minded souls, and happily discovered I could still share my work with the many visitors. Working with folks completely new to energy work means that many of my sessions involve going over the basics, explaining the concept of the body's energies in simple, layman’s terms and sharing the Daily Energy Routine (a basic sequence of exercises to get the body’s subtle energies flowing in a healthy manner, developed by energy pioneer, Donna Eden). But far from becoming stale and rote, the uniqueness of each person’s energies brings something new and different to every session. My passion is newly stoked as a complete novice catches my enthusiasm for this work, and they leave with a new aliveness as dormant energies awaken. Many who have visited Sedona speak of a special something that pulls them back here again and again. This makes the tourist part of my practice somewhat unusual in that I have out of town clients who become regulars, even though their visits to me may be stretched over several months, or in some cases, years. Clients regularly return from England, Europe, Canada, and various parts of the United States. Some have even made the trek from Australia. Those with ongoing issues return two or three times a year for intensives, attending sessions with me several times over a couple of weeks and going home with self care exercises to maintain the work at home. One of the questions I learned to ask myself during my time in India was “what makes your heart sing?” When applied to my healing practice, the answer is “sharing what I love with new people, who otherwise may not be exposed to this work.” Sedona is something of a magnet for those seeking new experiences in the healing arts, and many come from places where EEM has yet to be introduced. Here, I have the distinct honor and privilege of being able to give them their first taste.

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