Jyoti currently offers appointments on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays only, with plenty of space between clients for disinfecting and air exchange. Returning clients may call or book online. New and out-of town clients will be scheduled on a case by case basis. Please reach out by phone or email. For massages Friday - Monday with another therapist, please email or call with your request.

All clients are required to complete an updated intake form and answer additional health questions. Well-fitting masks worn over the mouth and nose are required throughout the appointment. If you are uncomfortable or unable to wear a mask, this may not be the right time for you to be receiving an in-person treatment.

For those who are not yet ready for in-person sessions, or live elsewhere, Jyoti continues to provide Wellness Consultations and private Energy Classes via Zoom (no masks required). These are relaxed and fun experiential sessions. You are strongly encouraged to give it a try! There is much to offer in terms of immunity building, mental and emotional well-being, help with sleep issues and learning how to self test for your own system's balance, foods and supplements.

Welcome to Sedona's Healing Sanctuary

I want to fully support you in continuing to take the best care of yourself during these times. If you are unable to visit Sedona, or an in-person session is not suitable or comfortable for you in the present conditions, consider the benefits of Sedona Body & Soul's Healing Sanctuary and the powerful energy of Sedona coming directly to your home via online sessions. Private online classes and psychic readings are also offered.


Natural healing and self-care from your body's wisdom


Energy-driven hands-on touch therapy


Psychic soul wisdom readings for stressful times


Learn, grow and heal with easy techniques to help you thrive

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