Transformational Healing

Jyoti is honored to be collaborating with Jewels Maloney, M.Ed., Ed.D. Creativity, wise woman, spiritual guide and light worker. If you feel called to work with Jewels through one of her transformational sessions or ceremonies, please contact her directly.

Transformational Sessions with Jewels Maloney, M.Ed., Ed.D. Creativity

Jewels is a professor at Atlantic University in the Masters in Transpersonal Psychology program, an Usui Reiki Master, writer, poet, and channel for the divine energies of love, light, and wisdom. She is the author of Every Child is Holy, Mary Magdalene: The Christos-Sophia Revelation, Soul Songs, and two books of poetry.

Jewels has been taking people out on this sacred land and offering transformational healing work in Sedona since 2002. 

"Let go of all that no longer serves your Highest and Greatest Good."


This is a very powerful time for major transformation, and for recognizing and releasing all that you are NOT for the extraordinary shift in to All that you ARE! We long to be ‘used by the divine’, to make use of our gifts and passions. In this process, we need to dissolve everything from the past that no longer serves our spiritual unfoldment. Enter in to Your Life of peace, security, trust, grace, ease and joy! 

“Jewels was a marvelous spiritual guide. Her love of this beautiful land was shared without measure. It was an experience we will treasure for years to come!”

Integrated Energy Healing

Release unresolved issues and energies from your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy fields. This session clears trauma, blocks and limitations; and activates and amplifies divine energies resulting in higher vibration, expanded awareness, peace, lightness, and healing on all levels of your being.

Healing sessions are 1.5 hours and include a pre-session "homework" assignment.

$155                                                                   Request a session

Inner Journey

Guided light hypnosis journey to your sacred garden where you meet one of your guides and view/visit past lives, other aspects of your multi-dimensional Self, your place of origin, or Oneness/Source itself.


This journey will show you and take you where you need to go for your highest good at this time. It is always fascinating! Transcript will be sent to you via email, so you will be able to revisit the journey and continue to glean meaning. 

$188                                                                   Request a session

Soul Readings

Receive clarity, insight and expansion in your personal reading. 

$111 for 60 minutes                                       Request a reading

Walk in Balance Medicine Wheel Ceremony

Experience Sacred Ceremony, on private land, in the majesty of the red rocks. Embrace and honor Great Spirit, Mother Earth, the Spirits of the Four Directions and our own Heart Path. Go deep within during this ancient ceremony of gratitude, release and rejuvenation at a magnificent Medicine Wheel.

$111 per person                                                   Request a ceremony

Dissolving Painful Beliefs and Feelings

Using a variety of creative and healing techniques, we will 'take out the garbage' that causes us discomfort, anxiety and pain. Move light years ahead of the deep insecurity and subconscious beliefs that there is something wrong with us, with others, or with 'the world'.  Experience liberation from all that is no longer for our highest good and well-being; arriving at a state of inner peace and expanding joy.

You will feel like a new, lighter person, deeply loving and honoring yourself. You can then bring this compassion to others, naturally. This session is a choice to unconditionally love, forgive, and accept yourself. Make new choices to simply live, be and express your authentic self, your true nature, your marvelous wild child, and your creativity.

$155 for 90 minutes                                      Request a session

“The Medicine Wheel with Jewels absolutely took my breath away – an opportunity to learn and love myself and heal, and to become in touch with Mother Earth and Great Spirit. Thank you! " 


"Since my healing session with you I've felt such a transformation. I literally walked out of the room feeling 3 inches taller. The guilt, anger, and stress lifted from my shoulders. I have a sense of calmness and a feeling that there is something so much great. My heart feels warm again for the first time in a long time." Keri, VA

Listen to Jewels talking about Sedona vortexes and how to feel their energy in this video she recorded for our friends at Life the Basic Manual.

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Transformational Healing Intensives

Healing Intensives


Are you ready for change?


Are ready to make big changes? Taking the leap is easier when you have support and guidance.​ Major illness, divorce, separation, death, or simply feeling in a rut may bring you here. You know without a doubt is that you can't continue with the way things are. Though not for everyone, if you truly feel the call, you will know without a doubt when a Healing Intensive is right for you. This is a customized program that takes place over 3 or more days. While the details of each intensive are tailored specifically for you, there are common basic elements that will give you an idea of what is involved: 


  • Energy Wellness

  • massage

  • emotional work

  • life coaching

  • meditation

  • guided relaxation

  • personal time in nature​

  • yoga or other movement​

  • journaling and alone time for reflection and integration

Learn about your energetic blueprint - the foundation for your health, happiness and life purpose. Discover where your vulnerabilities lie, as well as your strengths. Create your own tool box for self-care. Feel empowered with the ability to continue to evolve your your energies once you return home.

Are you ready to open to your fullest potential? 


Contact us for more information.