Psychic & Soul Readings, Dream Coaching, Breathwork

Psychic Readings • Healing Hypnosis • Past Life Regression

with Maneesha

Readings: 30 minutes/$75; 45 minutes/$95; 60 minutes/$125

Couples Readings: 30 min/$95; 45 min/$125; 60 min/$150

Past Life Regression: 90 minutes/$145

Healing Hypnosis: 60 minutes/$100; 90 minutes/$145

Maneesha has studied personal growth through many cutting edge therapies, and was trained in metaphysical reading, metaphysical energy work, NLP and Ericksonian hypnosis. She has also studied meditation in India for many years. Her way of reading is from the mirror of the heart – with love, acceptance and no judgment, things can be seen clearly. What is needed for each person is revealed.


Maneesha has sharp insights into emotional patterns that affect our work, creativity, relationships and love that can help you move towards a new and positive path. She helps couples find understanding and more loving communication, which changes obstacles into deeper intimacy.

"I can guide you towards loving and understanding what this step on the path is all about, and how to find the jewel in each situation. Each of us human beings is unique!"

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with Tod


Reading Specials (winter solstice to spring equinox):

30 min/$50  45 min/$75  60 min/$99

Breath: 90 minutes/$140
Readings: 30 minutes/$75; 60 minutes/$125; 90 minutes/$165
Dream Coaching: 75 minutes/$125


Tod's childhood and early adulthood were filled with yearning for something deeper than material reality. In his late twenties he received formal training at two mystery schools in the Midwest, where his life was enriched through meditation practice and the inner work of traditional esoteric disciplines, as both student and teacher.

Introduced to formal breathwork in 1989, Tod said it felt like coming home - a key to bridging physical and non-physical experience. He began offering client readings in 1990. Three years later he completed breathwork training and began facilitating individual and group breath sessions. This was followed by training in NLP, which has inspired a blended approach to dream work, combing interpretive and expressive pathways to received wisdom.


Tod's Soul Readings serve individual and group clients seeking clear feedback in every area of life experience. Direct messages from guides, discernment of life purpose, illumination of personal lessons, evaluation of right work and service in the world, and examination of underlying patterns in relationships are just a few of the gifts received during a reading.


"My professional, heart-felt intent is to honor clients as energetic beings living purposefully in a physical world. I believe that body, mind and spirit are eager to reveal their wisdom to one another. When they work together, we find freedom on our paths. Inspiration is a birthright that calls us toward our destinies in infinite ways. If you feel drawn to seek clarity and move energy in sacred space, I am pleased to serve you. "