Soul Readings with Tod

We're all trying to make sense of what's happening right now. Every day we are confronted with a new and strange reality. We want answers and a way forward. The storm isn't just around us, it's within us. It's inviting us to see the same currents in our lives and choose what to keep, what to drop, what needs healing. Each of us, like the world, is invited to transform individually in unexpected ways through powerful circumstances. A Soul Reading is a powerful and empowering tool in this time of change.

Tod's Soul Readings serve clients seeking clear feedback in every area of life experience. Direct messages from guides, discernment of life purpose, illumination of personal lessons, evaluation of right work and service in the world, and examination of underlying patterns in relationships are just a few of the gifts received during a reading. Schedule a Soul Reading today!


Tod's childhood and early adulthood were filled with yearning for something deeper than material reality. In his late twenties he received formal training at two mystery schools in the Midwest, where his life was enriched through meditation practice and the inner work of traditional esoteric disciplines, as both student and teacher.

Tod  began offering client readings in 1990. Three years later he completed breathwork training and began facilitating individual and group breath sessions. This was followed by training in NLP, which has inspired a blended approach to dream work, combing interpretive and expressive pathways to received wisdom.


The life changing event was the Soul Reading that I had with Tod (...). I went into the reading with no expectations, I relaxed, kept quiet and just heard him out. He nailed the major issues that were going on in my life and brought me clarity, focus and drive to clear up issues and move on to new adventures. From the insight I received from Tod my life path has changed and I am excited about and looking forward to my future endeavors. The reading wasn't hocusy-pocusy. It was like listening to a regular guy talk, but he had deep knowledge about my past, present and future that was astonishing!



Soul Reading with Tod 

15 minutes - $40 (30 minute minimum, up to 60 minutes, and for additional time)

60 minutes - $150

90 minutes - $220

Soul Readings are independent of Sedona Body & Soul. Please contact Tod to set up your Soul Reading.


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