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Chakra Harmony

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Vibrant health begins with the chakras. These seven energy centers hold our life story, along with all its struggles and successes. Each chakra regulates specific organs, hormones and body parts, as well as aspects of our personality. When they become clogged and sluggish, not only is our vital energy impacted, but also our health, our emotions and connection with spirit. Clearing and balancing chakras helps release us from old stories, allowing us to move forward in times of change, and connecting the rest of our energy systems with the world around us.



Feel renewed with this combination session. Nurturing massage work finishing up with the Black Pearl Sanctuary, a specialized energy protocol developed to reset the stress response, via the hypothalamus, allowing you to rest, deeply relaxed in the sanctuary of the Black Pearl. The session has a cumulative effect and,  received over time, will greatly help with the bodymind response to stress. The Black Pearl Sanctuary may also be received as a stand alone energy treatment.

Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki Treatment

Reiki is a passive, gentle touch. It is touch without an agenda, inviting the system to re-find its balance. The practitioners' hands are placed mindfully and without intention, evoking remembered wellness and a self-healing response. It is healing not only for the body but for the whole system. Reiki is not a belief or religion. It can be deeply relaxing or energizing, depending on what will return you to homeostasis. You are fully clothed for this treatment.

Weaving Energy Work with Massage Class

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Do you want to know how to use Donna Eden's style of energy work (The Eden Method) in your massage sessions? Or help friends and family feel better? Then this mini class is for you! All techniques are simple to learn and no prior knowledge of energy work is needed. 


The class is priced per person.

For a one on one class use the booking button below. 

2-4 participants, please call or email to book.

Transformational Sedona Retreats with Jyoti and Jewels

Find out more about Jyoti here, and get introduced to Jewels and her work here.

Healing Intensives


Would you like to set up your Sedona retreat?


Sedona has long been a place for profound healing on all levels. The story goes that native peoples came to Sedona when they needed healing or time to focus on particular issues. Taking time away from regular routines and giving dedicated focus to change can reap dramatic rewards.

In depth work is now offered through our Transformational Sedona Retreats. Let us know your objectives for moving forward in your life and deep healing. These are customized retreats based on questionnaire and interview.  Set aside a chunk of time (a few days, a week, or longer) to focus on making a shift in your life. 

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Transformational Retreats


Are you ready for change?


Are ready to make big changes? Taking the leap is easier when you have support and guidance.​ Major illness, divorce, separation, death, or simply feeling in a rut may bring you here. You know without a doubt is that you can't continue with the way things are. Though not for everyone, if you truly feel the call, you will know without a doubt when a Transformational Retreat is right for you. This is a customized program that takes place over 3 or more days. While the details of each intensive are tailored specifically for you, there are common basic elements that will give you an idea of what is involved:


  • Energy Wellness

  • massage

  • emotional work

  • life coaching

  • meditation

  • guided relaxation

  • time in nature​

  • yoga or other movement​

  • journaling and alone time for reflection and integration

Learn about your energetic blueprint - the foundation for your health, happiness and life purpose. Discover where your vulnerabilities lie, as well as your strengths. Create your own tool box for self-care. Feel empowered with the ability to continue to evolve your your energies once you return home.

Are you ready to open to your fullest potential? 


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